Importance of safety in buying a baby crib

Safety should always be given the first priority when buying a crib for your baby. Here are few things that we need to look for so that the crib is safe for the baby:

  • You must see the distance between the slats and corner post of the baby crib. If this distance is more than 2 3/8 inches then it is not considered safe. There could be a risk of any unfortunate injury.
  • There should be no sharp or rough edges in the whole structure of the crib which could be in the reach of your baby at any time. You should look for corner posts carefully and should be flushed with end panels. There should be no exposed knob that can harm your baby.
  • Make sure that the bolts and screws are tight enough. This will add stability to the baby crib. There should be no sharp edges that can damage the skin of your baby. The wood or iron used in the crib should be fine with no crack.
  • There is something which is more important than the color of the paint used on the crib, it is the quality of the paint. Old paints of the cribs may contain lead. It is a poisonous material and poses a serious health risk to your baby. Never compromise on the quality of the paint. Lead free paints are also available in markets. If you think that the current paint of the crib has lead and is not giving a smooth look then you must strip it off and add a new layer of lead free paint. You can use the non-toxic paint with low or no volatile organic compounds. Peeling or cracked paint should be immediately replaced with a safe one.
  • The best organic cot mattress must fit properly inside the crib frame. You can check whether the mattress is of proper size or not by trying to fit your two fingers between the mattress and the crib side. If you can fit the two fingers of yours then the mattress is not safe at all. The danger is that the baby may get his/her any body part between those empty spaces. Also make sure that the mattress is firm itself.
  • There is a risk of suffocation if you put the toys or soft bedding in the crib. There are some accessories that come along with the cribs that include things like comforter and soft pillow. These can suffocate the baby so never use them. Bumper pads are also not recommended as there is a risk of SIDS and other crib-deaths. If you consider necessary to use the bumper pad then you must use the thin ones that are breathable too. Make sure that you fix the bumper pads firmly and there should be no loose strap. When your baby becomes able to stand then you should immediately remove these bumper pads as they can prove fatal to the baby
  • Avoid buying a baby crib which has headboards and footboards with pretty decorative cutouts, guide to buying a baby crib. These models are also prohibited according to the safety standards. However you can buy a crib which has hand-me-down drop-side crib.